Winning Marriages

Real Couples, Serving a Real God

We are a Christian Marriage Ministry Podcast focusing on sharing scripture & Holy Spirit lead solutions to real world scenarios faced by couples in Christian Marriages. We are a real couple serving a Real God. We are both Ministers at Treasures of the Heart Worship Center, in beautiful Frederick, Maryland. Marriage is a wonderful gift that we love to explore through scripture and fellowship. We invite couples to share testimonies of God's love working in their marriage and join in fellowship with us. 

Our Home Church is here in Frederick, Maryland and you can access the website here. 


If you want to participate in the book study coming up on July 18, in collaboration with Treasures of the Heart Worship Center. Then please click the button and submit the form.

We love to laugh!

We take our duty as ministers seriously but we seriously love to make each other laugh and hope to carry the same joy we have into our episodes. 

We share our real story!

Our story is a wild one and we love sharing it as a proud testimony of what God can do. There is nothing more wonderful than sharing a passion for the Lord with your spouse.

We love Marriage!

Loving each other is very important, but loving the process is equally as powerful. God designed marriage to be a service to each other, that we love as much as we love one another. Marriages are meant to reflect the love relationship between Jesus and His church.